As we near the end of our Utah AWP donation drive, after 4 days of posts about the many programs and resources Utah AWP offers, we hope you understand why we ask for your monetary support. For those of you who have not yet taken the step to become a member or make a donation, I would like to talk more personally about why Utah AWP matters to me.

I became active with Utah AWP as a graduate student in 2012. My immediate experience was relief. Going into my third year of graduate school, I was already feeling burned out and unsure about my identity as a clinician. While I loved the idea of being a therapist, when I put theory into practice it was falling short. I knew I wanted to work one-on-one in the micro-level clinical setting, however I wasn’t sure what to do about my passion for activism and systemic change. When I engaged with others in my field about these issues, I felt like a “Debbie Downer.”

When I found Utah AWP it felt like home. My identity as a therapist was validated, and over time I have found opportunities within AWP to grow and expand my skills as both a clinician and an activist. I have learned how to identify my orientation as a intersectional feminist practitioner. I have found community.

In March of 2014 I attended a national AWP conference in San Francisco where I had the pleasure of connecting with my AWP community and meeting the incredible Angela Davis (pictured above). This has been a highlight of my career, and it would not have been possible without my connection to Utah AWP.

I support Utah AWP because it has allowed me to holistically approach the work that I do, and I want others to have similar experiences. Please consider becoming a member or making a donation today. Your money will provide scholarships for the 2015 national AWP conference, providing connection and community for professionals or students with limited means.

Share in the comments below why Utah AWP matters to you, and don’t forget to visit our donation drive page to become a member or make your donation today!

With warmth and solidarity,

Mara Haight, Utah AWP Membership Coordinator