The Utah Chapter of the Association for Women in Psychology (AWP) is dedicated to supporting education and leadership opportunities for our members. Membership fees are collected to support scholarships to the national AWP conference, held annually each March.

The Utah AWP Implementation Collective (IMPS) is now accepting applications for scholarships to our members who hope to attend the 2017 AWP Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin March 2-5, 2017. The conference theme is “What Color is you Collar? Privilege, Power, and Social Class.” You can obtain information on the 2017 AWP conference site at .

The full call for scholarships, including instructions on how to apply, can be found below. We welcome your applications by or before December 19th. 

Utah Association for Women in Psychology

AWP Conference Scholarship Information & Application

AWP Conference 2017, Milwaukee, March 2nd–5th

The 2017 AWP Annual Conference will be held in Milwaukee the first week in March. Follow the link below for complete information & the call for proposals, available on the conference webpage and accepted until November 1, 1016. The conference theme is “What Color is your Collar? Privilege, Power, & Social Class.”

There are a number of scholarship options for the AWP Annual Conference.  Scholarship support from national AWP includes discounted shared hotel rooms, options for volunteer exchange by providing services on site, reduced conference fees for people with limited financial resources, and possible assistance through cash reimbursements, depending on the conference site. You can obtain all of this information on the 2017 AWP conference site at . From the conference website you can get information about applying for financial aid by accessing the registration information on the top bar of the page.

Utah AWP hopes to provide financial support to those who would otherwise have difficulty attending the AWP Conference.  The amounts awarded will be based on number of qualified applicants, amount requested, and need. We would hope to support as many applicants as possible. In submitting your application please be mindful of our hope to make this conference available to those who could not attend without some level of financial support   You must be a Utah AWP member (this is a separate membership from national AWP) in order to apply for a conference scholarship. To become a member of Utah AWP, visit the Utah AWP website at . If you are unsure of your membership status you may contact Mindy MacDougall (

Priority for funding will be given based on financial need and membership in Utah AWP. Students, people of underrepresented groups, first-time AWP Conference presenters, other AWP Conference Presenters, and individuals who have contributed through service to Utah or national AWP will receive special consideration.


To apply for scholarship funds from Utah AWP, please provide the following information in an email directed to Donna Hawxhurst (  before December 19, 2016:


E-mail Address:

Are you a Utah AWP member?

Have you submitted a proposal to present at this year’s AWP Conference?

Title of proposed or accepted presentation:

Are you a first-time proposer/presenter?

If you consider yourself to be a member of an “underrepresented group,” please describe (Optional):

Briefly describe your need for funding for this conference (e.g., limited income due to student or retirement status; sole support of children or parents; limited income profession; partial employment, etc.).

How much scholarship money are you requesting?

What other sources of funding have you applied for or have you been informed you will receive? Please include amounts.