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Statement on Reproductive Justice

Dear Utah AWP Community,

We, like many of you, are deeply disturbed at the recent SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. As an organization whose vision is “equitable access to mental health for all”, this decision by SCOTUS is a direct attack on those with uteruses and further increases sexism and misogyny within a state that has been ranked as “the worst state” for women to live in, (Madsen & Madsen, 2021). Furthermore, this decision will disproportionately impact those experiencing other forms of systemic oppression. We recognize the devastating impact that this decision will have on countless individuals and families, including our own members. Utah-AWP exists to support those providing direct mental health support in our community, we know that our members will directly experience the trauma this decision is causing. 

Let us be clear, as an organization rooted in feminist-multicultural social justice values we firmly support reproductive freedom and choice. Reproductive freedom leads to increased personal empowerment, self determination, and safety; these are pillars of overall mental health and well-being. We strongly believe that abortion is a medical right, one which should be left to individuals and their doctors to control. This decision is a gross governmental overreach, an abuse of power that will have a multi-generational impact.  

Although this decision has derailed the progression of civil rights, we will not sit idly by and will work towards collective efforts to reclaim and further improve these rights for all. Roe v. Wade was the result of grassroots activism, we must return to this collective organizing. Healing from trauma requires community witnessing and healing; this is the framework necessary for collective change. We affirm the power of community, connection and healing and invite the AWP community to unite our collective power in support, healing, and change. 

In solidarity, 

Your Utah-AWP Implementation Collective

P.S. We are hosting a community conversation about this decision on July 1st. To learn more about this “Potluck and Talk” click here.

Black Lives Matter

The Utah Chapter of the Association for Women in Psychology is committed to promoting equity and justice throughout the systems of mental health in our state. Along with our parent organization, the national Association for Women in Psychology, we enthusiastically support the Movement for Black Lives.

The Utah AWP chapter has chosen to explore the theme “Dismantling White Supremacy from Within” for our 2020-2021 programming year in an effort to address the systemic issues of racism and white supremacy within our community and ourselves. Learn more about this programming here.

To access the full statement of support for the Movement for Black Lives from our parent organization, click here.

Anti-Discrimination Response Training Registration is now open!

anti-discrimination edit 3

We’re beginning the new program year with our Anti-discrimination Response Training (ART), which we believe is an extremely valuable training for not just mental health professionals, but everyone who is navigating how to respond when they see or hear discriminatory comments or actions.

Here is the description of the event: “Most people would like to be able to effectively address discriminatory words and acts. However, some people don’t know what to say when they witness  discriminatory acts or hear discriminatory words. This group-based social skills workshop is designed to train and empower bystanders to take an  active role in witnessing offensive and discriminating situations, instead of remaining passive or silenced. Participants will learn and practice phrases they can use in response to a wide variety of prejudicial and discriminating situations, which include homophobia, sexism, racism, classism, etc.”

We have a very limited number of spots available for this training, so please register as soon as possible. Also, if you are in a position where you are able to, please consider donating money to help cover the costs for those who are students or have limited means.

Most of our memberships need to be renewed in the fall, so you may not qualify for the discounted rate unless you sign up for a new membership. You can renew your membership by clicking here.

To register for the Anti-Discrimination Response Training, click here.

If you have already registered and wish to give us information about your preferred boxed lunch or dietary restrictions, please fill out the following form: