When: 01/25/2019 5:00 PM, MST
Where: Pride Center 1380 S. Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115


Gender Creative Parenting | Joint session with WPP, AWP, & The Guild

Note: Friday, 5 – 7 pm

Traditional models of gender & sexuality socialization are linked to adverse outcomes, including disparities in physical and mental health, economics, politics, and familial roles. When considering gender as a social construction, parents and other adults involved with raising children can mitigate harmful gendered stereotypes through Gender Creative Parenting (GCP). In this case, GCP refers to not assigning a gender to a child, using gender-neutral pronouns (they/them/their), and creating an environment that intentionally teaches that gender occurs on a spectrum and disrupts traditional binary gender stereotypes.

Presenter: Kyl Myers, PhD

Please note that we have moved our meeting location: Meetings are conducted at the new Pride Center in Salt Lake City; 1380 S. Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115 (near the Bee’s Stadium). Parking is permitted anywhere in the parking lot. Enter the building through the main entrance, and turn right to find the conference room


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